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Welcome to my generic home page. I have not found the time to modify my page yet.

In the meantime, here are some links to resources you may find useful:



  • Searching the Web - Here's a list of search engines to help you quickly find what you're looking for out on the Web:
    • Alta Vista The largest Web index. Access to all 10 billion words found in over 21 million Web pages.
    • Yahoo Breaks down the web into categories.
    • Excite More than 1.5M Webdocuments, Usenet, classifieds and reviews.
    • Infoseek Powerful search engine with cool sites.
    • Lycos "The best engine for serious research" - NetGuide Magazine. More than 10 million Webdocuments!
    • Open Text Millions of Web pages and billions of words fully indexed.
    • Spider's Web A gateway to the Web, as well as FTP and Gopher sites. Massive guide to the coolest sites.
    • The Whole Intenet Catalog WebCrawler, Yahoo, best of the Net and business pages.
    • The World Yellow Pages Network Yellow Pages around the world available for searching.
    • The X-500 Catalog Looking for someone? Check out this catalog of the world.
    • CNET (Software Archives)
    • Tucows (Software Archives)


  • Here are some places to go to learn about web page design and html coding. These are all places that people have found useful, although they may endorse different design philosophies.
    this site has good basic tutorials on writing HTML code and on web page design. You can also hook up with a lot of people who do this and get good advice.
    W3C provides and details the standards which html code should abide by.
    David Siegel approaches web design from a graphic arts and publishing layout point of view. He calls this "3rd generation web design," and has created some amazing looking web pages.
    "Ya shure, I can design great pages, but my graphics look like they are being viewed through a sandblasted funhouse mirror." Laurie McCanna provides invaluable tips on graphics and graphics programs.
    Yahoo has a large listing of internet tools and accessories, from html converters and editors to web browsers for all sorts of different platforms.



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